The Digital vs. Physical Business Revolution

The Digital vs. Physical Business Revolution

Digital vs. Physical Businesses

Digital businesses act as if they will never see a customer again. They must communicate, modify experiences, create community, and engage customers.

Physical businesses expect foot traffic to arrive every day. They prepare with staff but also modify the experience for customers day in and day out.


Digital businesses must communicate with customers through various digital channels, such as email, social media, and webinars.

Physical businesses can communicate with customers in person and through physical signage.

Modifying Experiences

Digital businesses must modify customer experiences through personalization, customization, and other techniques.

Physical businesses can modify customer experiences through product placement, customer service, and other techniques.

Creating Community

Digital businesses must create a community through online forums, chatrooms, and other digital spaces.

Physical businesses can create community through in-store events, workshops, and other physical spaces.


Digital businesses must engage customers through targeted campaigns, loyalty programs, and other methods.

Physical businesses can engage customers through in-store promotions, discounts, and other methods.


Digital and physical businesses have different approaches to engaging customers, but both are essential to success.

By understanding the differences between digital and physical businesses, businesses can better target their customers and create more successful strategies.


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